A Sustainable Shave: Safety Razor FAQs

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We get plenty of questions from curious customers who haven't yet made the switch, so we have outlined all of the FAQs here in case you are curious too!

Using a safety razor is a far more sustainable option than disposable plastic razors. Disposable razors are made of a mixture of plastic and metal, meaning they’re costly and difficult to recycle effectively, so they end up clogging up landfill instead.

Switching to a safety razor is a great alternative to all of this plastic waste, and although the initial outlay is higher, once you own the handle all you need to replace is the blades, meaning £ per shave it is a much more economical option.

Using a safety razor also gives a much closer shave than a cartridge razor, and the single blade won’t cause as much irritation as a multi blade razor. 

Who can use a safety razor?
Anyone with hair they want to remove can use a safety razor! They're not gender or body part specific, you can use them wherever you want to shave.

How do I shave with a safety razor?
If you’ve never used a safety razor it can be a little daunting at first, but don’t worry. Make sure you’re comfortable and work up a decent lather with the soap of your choice. Holding the razor at a 30-45° angle, pull the skin taut and use small deliberate strokes. Don’t press the razor to your skin, instead let the weight of the razor do the work. 

How do I fit the blades in a safety razor? 
Holding the head by the short edges, twist to separate it from the handle. Once the head and the handle are apart, remove the bottom half of the head and place your blade onto the pegs. Screw all the parts back together again, being sure to hold the head by the short edges.

How do I care for my safety razor?
Rinse and dry the blade thoroughly between uses to keep it clean and sharp, and don’t forget that at the end of its lifespan the blunt blades are made of steel so can be recycled.  

How do I dispose of the spent blades?
Create your own sharps bin using an empty golden syrup container or jam jar with a hole punched in the lid. Double check with your local authority whether you can recycle steel at your curb-side or at the local tip, and be sure to mark your container as sharps! 

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