How to Make Your Own Fizzing Toilet Bombs

Ok so let’s talk loos.

Nobody wants stains and limescale buildup below the waterline, and a multi million pound industry has been created around selling us products to solve the issue.

However, lots of these companies produce industrial strength cleaning chemicals such as ammonia, chlorine and hydrochloric acid, which smell horrendous and can have a detrimental effect on the health of your family, as well as the environment.

So what’s an effective alternative that won’t harm anyone’s health? Introducing the toilet bomb!

Don’t be put off by the name, there will be no exploding cisterns here. These little blocks work in the same way as a bath bomb; they fizz, and that fizzing action is what cleans.

They’re straightforward to make, and the ingredients are completely non-toxic. In fact, like baking, this is an activity that you could get children to help with.


  • Mixing bowl
  • Spoon or spatula for mixing
  • Ice cube tray
  • Teaspoon

Items you will need



Mix the dry ingredients together in a bowl, and spritz a few times with water.

Mixing the dry ingredientsSpritz with a little waterAdd essential oil a few drops at a time

Don’t add too much water or the dry ingredients will start to react- you only want a small amount to help bind it all together.

Now carefully add your chosen essential oil a few drops at a time and stir through. Again, adding the oils a little at a time will help to prevent the dry ingredients reacting to moisture.

Spoon mixture into ice cube trayPress down firmly on mixtureFull ice cube tray ready to dry

Press the mixture firmly into an empty ice cube tray using fingers or the back of a teaspoon and leave to dry overnight in an airing cupboard or on a radiator in a dry room (make sure the radiator isn’t on or it could melt your ice cube tray!)

Once the toilet bombs have set, store them in an airtight container (a clean jam jar works a treat or if you have one, a clip lid jar looks chic)

Finished toilet bomb pops easily from ice cube trayToilet bombs ready to use

Drop a toilet bomb into your loo and leave to finish fizzing before flushing!
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