Self Care Saturday; It's Important to Look After Yourself

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Unless you've been living under a rock, you'd be forgiven for having felt overwhelmed and stressed out lately. Staying calm and relaxing can be harder than usual, so we've thought of a few inexpensive and sustainable things you can do to help bring some mindfulness into your week.

1. Take a bath or a long shower; being in, or surrounded by warm water is one of the most relaxing things there is. Use your nicest or favourite products, maybe add some bath salts, light a candle if you feel. Take your time. Sing if you like! 

2. Have a hot drink; having a hot drink helps you to focus on a ritual. Whether you prefer herbal tea, hot chocolate or single origin coffee. The boiling of the kettle, heating of milk, and the aroma of the steam from the mug in your hands. What's your favourite hot drink? 

3. Take time for a beauty ritual; whether it's filing your nails, applying lotion, or buffing your feet, taking time to pay attention to your body is a great way to ground yourself and feel more relaxed.

4. Get organising! Tidying up, cleaning, or organising our affairs can really help to focus the mind and provides a huge amount of satisfaction once the task is complete. Don't overwhelm yourself with impossible goals; start smaller and work your way towards the bigger picture in bite sized chunks. 

5. Read a book; we all have a book that we haven't yet started, or a favourite that we would like to re-read. Get yourself comfy and dive into another world. If fiction isn't your thing, learning new things with non-fiction is just as engaging. Whatever you like to read, books help to stimulate brain functions that deal with memory, stress and can help to reduce Alzheimer's later in life.

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