Why Choose Organic?

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Choosing to buy organic food and clothing, even occasionally, has huge benefits. Here are just a few reasons why organic is best.

  • Organic is best for people: organic food contains more nutrients and fewer toxins than foods which has been intensively farmed, or sprayed with huge amounts of pesticides and herbicides.
  • Organic is best for wildlife: there are 50% more species living on organic farms. The use of fewer and less harmful pesticides and herbicides encourage greater biodiversity.
  • Organic is best for soil: fewer pesticides and herbicides mean fewer toxins in the soil. A greater biodiversity means more organic matter, and a well drained nutrient rich soil.
  • Organic is best for the planet: by using fewer chemicals in the growing process, organic faming uses 45% less energy. Biodiversity and rotting organic matter helps to lock carbon into the soil. Increasing soil carbon by just 0.4% a year is enough to balance global carbon emissions!

So there you have it. Even an occasional purchase of organic products will help to invest in a future of more sustainable farming practices.

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