Covid-19 FAQs

What days can I click & collect?
We are currently open three days a week for click & collect orders; Tuesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. The rest of the week we are offering door to door deliveries within a 3 mile radius of the shop.

Do you have a minimum order quantity?
For click & collect orders there is no minimum order, for delivery the minimum order is £10. Please do consider buying larger quantities less often to minimise risk to our staff.

What are orders packaged in?
To minimise the risk of cross-contamination, we are currently unable to fill customer's containers. Loose dry goods are packed into brown paper bags and sealed with paper tape. Liquids are put into sterilised glass containers. 

How are orders delivered?
Depending on your proximity to the shop, and volume of orders, deliveries will either be made on foot, by bicycle, or by car. We will be offsetting the emissions produced by vehicle deliveries. We will knock or buzz, and retreat to a safe distance to make sure you have eyes on your delivery. We will always adhere to any special instructions; if you are isolating or immunocompromised please get in touch to let us know!

Where do you deliver to?
We are delivering within a 3 mile radius of the shop, which is located at the Open Market BN1 4JU.

What precautions are you taking? 
We are very aware of the disposable nature of PPE, and we want to continue to minimise our impact on the environment whilst ensuring our customers are kept safe from harm. All orders are currently being packed and delivered by one person to minimise the possibility of transmission. Washable fabric masks are worn throughout the packing process, and hands washed vigilantly during and between orders. When out on deliveries, hand sanitiser is used before and after every drop off.

Can I still order items by post?
Yes absolutely! We are continuing to post orders across the U.K. and Europe. The timeframe for postal orders is slightly extended as we are limiting Post Office runs to once a week. We are currently unable to guarantee any First Class postal deliveries.