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Biodegradeable Beech Toothbrush

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Move over bamboo! These beautiful sustainable toothbrushes are the newest kids on the block, and they're amazing.

Crafted using Swiss-grown, FSC certified beech, they are still compostable but are sourced and made in Europe meaning fewer miles traveled and fewer emissions. 

Use exactly as you would do a regular toothbrush, and compost the handle when it reaches the end of its life.


Isn’t it frustrating when you buy online and your order arrives packaged in reams of plastic?

That’s not a problem you will ever have if you order from Wastenot!

We are proud to reuse our cardboard and delivery materials (you may occasionally see our supplier logos on the boxes we use) because if it’s still in good shape, why recycle when you can reuse?

You also won’t find any plastic tape holding your order together. All of the tape we use is made of paper too. Made from recycled paper with no harmful chemicals in the adhesive.

Your order will always be delivered by Royal Mail for UK wide orders, and will continue its journey with your local mail carrier for international orders. We don’t believe in putting extra vehicles on the road to deliver parcels, so keep your eye out for the postman.

We are also very proud to partner with Chooose to carbon offset the emissions created by each delivery we make; so you can buy online and still be carbon neutral!




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