Guppyfriend Laundry Bag

Stop! Micro Waste

  • £27.99

Micro plastics are some of the most insidious type of ocean plastic, and we create them almost every time we do our laundry. 

Unlike natural fibers, such as cotton or wool, synthetic fibres, such as elastane in undies, do not biodegrade, and tend to bind with molecules of harmful chemical pollutants found in wastewater, such as pesticides or flame retardants. These pollutants travel up the food chain from plankton right through to polar bears. 

Until textile and fashion manufacturers stop using synthetic materials, we can do something at home to prevent micro fibres! 

Guppyfriend bags work to prevent clothes from shedding microfibers in the wash, and helpfully collect any fibres that are shed. Simply put your laundry inside the bag, zip it closed, and place the bag in your washing machine drum!



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